FPAC | Foundation of Promotion for Academic Collaboration


      The FPAC is a society of Pakistani nationals, who believe in the desirability of creating a platform for sharing academic research work between local and foreign universities as well as promoting discussion on economic development and regional harmony.

     The FPAC shall be a non-political and non-profit society.

     To achieve its objective, the FPAC will strive to:

a)   organise and hold seminars, conferences, exhibitions, discussions and disseminate information on various aspects of economic development and regional harmony. The lectures and seminars shall be open to the public and free of cost.

b)   arrange and facilitate study visits of educationists, students, experts and distinguished personalities from local and foreign universities.

c)    award scholarships to deserving students for study of subjects relevant to development economics and regional cooperation.

d)   award suitable academic titles and status of Senior Research Fellows to local and foreign academic personalities in order to promote international academic cooperation.

e)   publish books, magazines, brochures and other literature relevant to the objectives of the society.

f)     promote through academic and school-level activities awareness about environmental issues and use of alternative energy.

g)   undertake such other activities as will promote the objectives of the Society.



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