FPAC | Foundation of Promotion for Academic Collaboration


       Membership of the FPAC is open to Pakistani as well as foreign nationals, who:

a)   are genuinely interested in the work, and subscribe to the objectives of the FPAC

b)   pledge themselves to abide by the FPAC’s constitution; and

c)    are not members of any other organisation whose principles and objectives are opposed to, or inconsistent with those of the FPAC and do not indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the ideology, security, constitution or system of government of Pakistan or Pakistan’s relations with any foreign country, or contrary to morality or any law that is in force at the time.

       Membership to the society is FREE for all teachers and academic personalities as well as university students subject to recommendation by at least two (2) members and approval by the executive committee.

      The executive committee may revise the membership eligibility and fee at any time.

       No political party can become a member of the FPAC.

          A person desirous of becoming a member of the FPAC shall apply for membership to the secretary general; the application shall be placed before the executive committee for its consideration and decision.



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